• Standalone Oculus crash-exits when accessing Physics.Raycast.hit.textureCoord Though it works fine when pressing Play in the Editor, the following line of code cause the built executable to crash-exit: Vector2 tempVect2 = hit.textureCoord ; As do: float tempX = hit.textureCoord.x; float tempY = hit.textureCoord.y; Anyone els...
  • XRSettings.enabled not working Hello,
    I have a very simple function to know if XR enabled or not:

    Code (CSharp):
    1. private void Start()
    2.     {
    3.         Debug.Log(XRSettings.enabled);
    5.     }
    The problem is that it always return "False", but I have XR enabled! (Virtual Reality Supported - Oculus SDK).

    Do someone can help me to understand what's going on?
    Many thanks!
  • Google VR SDK stuck in portrait mode Hey all, maybe somebody can help this beginner dev. I'm building my first test app for google cardboard on android. I've built the app and compiled it with VR enabled and cardboard selected as my VR device. I can install and run it on my phone (Samsung S8) BUT the in game camera is stuck in portrait mode and the yew is inverted (turning my head left turns the camera right). I have scoured the internet but still can't find a way to fix this.

    - I've enabled VR in playersettings and added...

    Google VR SDK stuck in portrait mode
  • Oculus.Avatar.CAPI.ovrAvatar_InitializeAndroidUnity Hi, occasionally our Quest app crashes on startup with the stack trace below. Does anyone have a clue as to what the cause could be? Code (JavaScript): 05-31 10:06:03.802  9133  9360 F art     : art/runtime/
  • How to use different scenes in an AR app? An AR app can get pretty big, so I am hitting the Google Play store app size limit. To avoid this, I want to split the app into a small startup APK and extension files (obb). To reduce the APK as much as possible, it is recommended to use a small star...
  • Menu to control VR game on monitor that’s not visible to player in VR Hi,

    My current project is developing VR physiotherapy for disabled children using the Vive and its puck trackers. In this case the therapist needs to be able to control the experience of the user in VR at the monitor, but also to be able to see the VR view. If you've played The Lab and seen the Level Select menu overlayed onto the VR view on the monitor, that's pretty much exactly what I'm going for.

    I have a second camera with a seperate view from the VR view working fine on the monitor...

    Menu to control VR game on monitor that's not visible to player in VR
  • Is this possible in Unity ? Hi all, In the video, he says that, it is not possible to render his game in Unity. Is it still the same case ? I wanted to port his game and play it on a VR machine. Please let me know any/ solutions to make it work with Unity.
  • Terrain Not Rendering properly on Android Hi, I am a beginner.I was a building a small app based on a tutorial. It is basically loading a terrain on top of the image target with a flying bird on top of it. There is also a canvas. It works well and fine in the play mode. But when I build it o...
  • Vuforia Cloud Based Recognition – Model not loading over Target Image Hello, I am working on Vuforia Cloud based Recognition, and I uploaded the 3D Models on Dropbox by preparing Unity Asset Bundle and connecting the Meta Data link with Target image which I upload on Vuforia Cloud Database. I am facing a issue with Mod...
  • Hey, this is nreal! This is Sylvia form nreal. We’ve been actively developing ready-to-wear mixed reality devices. Our flagship product, nreal light, is a lightweight and comfortable MR glasses sporting an industry-leading wide-screen vivid display. We just announced nrea...
  • Guidelines for developing Oculus quest games? I know there will be no dev kits or even detailed docs for Oculus quest until next year, but just wondering, any basic guide for developing for quest? for example, how many polygons should i limit my characters and static assets to? what total poly co...
  • Access Hololens Folders Hey guys,

    I am trying to create a script that load an excel file from a folder on the hololens. That being said I am having trouble with getting errors for StorageFolder and KnownFolders (I am not the most experienced programmer I am afraid). I am using the namespace Windows.Storage but I am still getting the following errors

    Error CS0103 The name 'KnownFolders' does not exist in the current context Assembly-CSharp C:\Users\jared.turner\Desktop\Hololens...

    Access Hololens Folders
  • Lenovo Mirrage Solo Sleep Restart I'm experience an intermittent issue when the headset is coming out of sleep. It isn't 100% reproable but it does happen regularly.

    General steps to reproduce.
    - Launch Unity application.
    - Take headset off and let it rest for about 15-30 minutes
    - Put on headset.
    - The screen turns on, but stays black for about 30 seconds.
    - After 30 seconds, the daydream controller recenter dialogue window appears. After recentering, user must relaunch the Unity application again.

    Usually the daydream...

    Lenovo Mirrage Solo Sleep Restart
  • Handling Collisions and Terrain with Room Scale Tracking Hi All

    I've been playing about with the Quest the last week or so, and loving it. I've been looking to develop an FPS that supports room-scale tracking, but I see some problems with this and wondered how the community are handling this already. I have done some googling and searching but not found anything concrete.

    At present I am using a character controller and moving the controller, the root object of my camera rig using the thumb sticks on the touch controllers. Naturally the head...

    Handling Collisions and Terrain with Room Scale Tracking
  • Problems with ImageTarget Hi everyone! I'm trying to develop and easy app that should recognize an image creating then an object, but when i run the project i find this issue:

    I'll attach screens of project settings.